20 of the BEST Summer Dishes

How is Labor Day already this coming weekend?! I just cannot believe how fast the summer went. Anybody else feel the same way??? Well, since I can’t slow down time, I will just have to enjoy every moment of this weekend with some yummy delicious foods.

Over the years, I’ve struggled with coming up with the best foods to eat on Labor Day. By the time you get to the end of summer, I’ve eaten all my favs – tomatoes, corn, salads, meats for the fam (I don’t eat much meat anymore), fish…. So, it was definitely a struggle coming up with what to make for this weekend.

But don’t worry, I’ve taken on all the food planning stress so you don’t have to! I’ve put together 20 of my all-time fav’s to eat on Labor Day. From meats to veggies, sweets and a special drink, I’ve definitely got your go-to holiday weekend celebratory foods right here in one place.

And if you want even more recipe ideas, I’d recommend checking out two of my other categories: “Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day” and “BBQ“!

I’d love to hear what your favorite Labor Day dishes are – let me know in the comments below!page0

20 of the BEST End-of-Summer Dishes

  1. The Perfect Basic Beef Burger: Simple and easy! Just some a few basics mixed with beef and spices and these taste amazing!img_4267
  2. Antipasto Pasta Salad: One of my favorite salads – it’s a meal in itself!img_0331
  3. Fresh Corn on the Cob: Don’t peel your corn until it’s cooked – that’s the trick!img_7878
  4. The Best BBQ Ribs Ever: These are seriously amazing and so so easy to make!img_9859
  5. Trevor’s Potato Salad: Yes, he has a potato salad and these really are the best!img_1617-1
  6. No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake: No baking – let the freezer do the work for you!img_2092
  7. Fish (or Crab) Cakes: Just swap out the fish for some crab and you’ll have the tastiest crab cakes!img_0634_jpg
  8. Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad: Such a simple way to use up your summer tomato bounty!img_3729
  9. Turkey or Chicken Burgers: Whichever you prefer, you can’t go wrong with these!
  10. Grilled Pineapple Barbecue Chicken: What’s not to like when cooking with pineapple!img_6689_jpg
  11. Stone Fruit & Burrata Salad: Oh summer fruits, I’ll miss you!img_2479
  12. Trevor’s Famous Coleslaw: Yes, he has a coleslaw too and it really is amazing!img_6525
  13. Chips & Dip Board: Feeding a crowd? Put this out first so no one gets hangry!img_4862
  14. Sirloin Kabobs: There’s nothing better than a simple kabob!img_1846
  15. Strawberry Crumble Bars: Simple and delicious!img_2715_jpg
  16. Tomato Feta Panzanella Salad: My all-time favorite salad using some of the freshest ingredients!img_4593
  17. Pink Lemonade with a (Tequila)Twist: This is a great drink to have while eating all this yummy food!img_2684
  18. Berry Cheesecake Squares: End the day with some festive cheesecake squares!img_6102_jpg
  19. Pan Sautéed Shrimp Salad: This comes together quickly if you are short on time!img_8403_jpg
  20. Spinach, Watermelon & Strawberry Salad: Salad + greens = my favorite kind of salads!img_1377


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