20+ New Year’s Recipes

And just like that, the end of 2021 is here! That went fast, huh?!

2021 was definitely a mixed year. Some ups, some downs but it’s another year in the books. It was certainly exciting! So, as we look back on the year, let’s sit back and relax with a nice cocktail or drink in hand and enjoy some yummy food to go with it!

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites to eat both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Some use some leftover champagne, some you should drink champagne with! Either way, you’ll certainly find something you like here!

I can’t wait to hear which ones you made in the comments below! Happy New Year!page0

20+ New Year's Recipes

For a romantic dinner for 2 or a small family dinner at home…

  1. Lobster Tails for two: the easiest dinner ever to make and it’s so extra special!0d935219-4f44-47b8-94e7-82741e3b8276
  2. Creamy Champagne Chicken: creamy and decadent!img_8647_jpg
  3. Shrimp Scampi with Spaghetti: My favorite New Year’s celebratory dish!img_3035_jpg
  4. Lobster Ravioli in a Champagne Cream Sauce: creamy on creamy on creamy!img_4730
  5. Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Salmon: A little bit of healthy, a lit bit of decadence! img_6436
  6. Chicken Alfredo Lasagna: a crowd pleaser!img_8538_jpg-1
  7. Chicken (or Beef) Wellington: Stunning to look at and easy to make!img_3354
  8. Korean Short Ribs: For my meat lovers!img_7754
  9. French Onion Soup: For my vegetarian lovers!a8d9369e-9b49-4a39-85ec-cd719b3cd221

For some starters at the party…

  1. Burrata & Fig Crostini’s: the simplest festive appetizer!img_6602-1
  2. Spinach & Artichoke Dip: always a crowd pleaser!img_2118
  3. Sweet & Sour Meatballs: a family favorite – these are best served warm from a crock pot!img_4619
  4. Baked Brie: who doesn’t love a baked brie!img-3660
  5. Fruit and Veggie Board: a grazers dream!img_9553
  6. Cheese Board: mix and match and kind of cheese here!img_0867

For some decadent end-of-the-year desserts…

  1. S’mores Baked Alaska: my all-time favorite special treat desert!img_8012_jpg
  2. Chocolate Pear Upside-Down Cake: the easiest to make dessert!img_4465
  3. Profiteroles: hard to make, but oh so worth it!img_1334

And if you want to prepare these ahead of time for New Year’s Day…

  1. Cheesy Bacon Croissant Casserole: Super delicious and decadent!img_0284
  2. Strawberries and Cream Challah Bake: My favorite morning bake!img_0139
  3. Crustless Quiche Lorraine: the best way to start off the New Year on a healthier foot!img_8772_jpg

Wishing you all a very happy start to 2022!

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