10+ Passover Dishes for your Seder

The Jewish Spring festival, Passover, is nearly here! It’s a week long joyous celebration where family and friends share lots of yummy food. A special dinner, called a Sedar, kick-starts everything and tells the stories from a long time ago. And then, the good part – the food!

It’s traditional to not eat bread during the holiday. Instead, a flat, cracker-like bread is eaten called Matzo. It can be eaten right out of the box, topped with sweet and savory toppings and even crumbled down and used to bake. It’s super versatile and a yummy little snack.

I’ve grown so accustom to eating bread in my everyday life though, so it can be tough for me to not eat it for a week. But I’ve learned there are plenty of ways to enjoy eating during this holiday. I’ve put together a list of my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts (spoiler: they’re so good!!) that you won’t miss eating bread at all! The trick is to use good, tasty ingredients, and the rest is easy.

Hope you find something here that you find delicious! Happy Passover, to those who celebrate!unnamed

10+ Passover Dishes for your Seder

  1. Matzo Brei – the sweetest breakfast to start your day!img_6545_jpg
  2. Apple Walnut Charoset – A yummy snack to have anytime of day!img_0148
  3. Matzo Ball Soup – My favorite lunch and dinner! My kids favorite, too!img_9958
  4. Passover Rolls – If you’re missing bread, you definitely have to give these a try!img_0186
  5. Roast Chicken Dinner – A perfect dinner for any holiday!img_2048_jpg
  6. Jewish Holiday Brisket – if you like meat, you have to make a Jewish brisket! img_6511_jpg
  7. Potato Latkes – I make these for every Jewish holiday!img_2655
  8. Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Salad – this salad is jam-packed full of yummy goodness!img_8121
  9. Chocolate Toffee Matzo – this is the best to make with kids!img_0180
  10. Coconut Macaroons – a sweet little end to any meal!img_9986
  11. Brownie Macaroon Meringue Pie – my all-time favorite dessert!img_2040_jpg
  12. Macaroon Cheesecake – a decadent little end to any meal!img_6505_jpg


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