10 All-Time Favorite Hanukkah Recipes

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel! It’s Hanukkah time!

Hanukkah is super early this year – 4 days after Thanksgiving to be exact. It runs on the lunar calendar which is why it always moves around and I feel like it’s just a tad too close to turkey for more liking. But, c’est la vie!

So let’s get in the holiday spirit and start making some Hanukkah-tastic foods! I have so many good ones here that I’ve made over the years that I just know you’ll love! There are starters, mains, side dishes and of course, desserts. Sweet, savory and all that good stuff, I know you’ll find something you just love! Now, for me to pick my favorite.. hmmm… decisions decisions! 🙂

PS, if you’re looking for more Hanukkah recipes, check out all my festive holiday recipes here. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!page0

10 All-Time Favorite Hanukkah Recipes

  1. (Vegan) Potato Latkes: Traditional, Vegan (!!) and absolutely delicious!img_2655
  2. Sweet Potato & Carrot Potato Pancakes: If you want a fun twist on traditional latkes, try these crispy delights!img-3190
  3. Roast Chicken: here is a traditional way to roast a chicken which is moist and delicious and here is another way which is a cool twist on how to roast one! Either way, you’ll love them!
  4. Jewish Brisket: a soft, tender cut full of flavor!img_6511_jpg
  5. Matzo Ball Soup: pillowy-soft balls of deliciousness nestled in a perfectly warm soup! It’s amazingly good!img_9958
  6. Fluffy Shredded Potato Kugel: Like a huge hash brown, only better!img_4619
  7. Noodle Kugel with Dried Fruit: The perfect mix of sweet and crunchy – it’s nostalgia in a pot!img-3248
  8. Brown Sugar Apricot Rugelach: Sweet, soft and delicious!img_4955-1
  9. Bubbe’s Challah Bread: the perfect eggy-bread for eating, dipping in soup or making any of these recipes for a yummy Hanukkah breakfast!img_1256
  10. Doughnuts!!! What’s better than a doughnut?! Here’s my recipe for traditional Sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) and here’s an updated, Cinnamon-Sugar-tastic version!

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