Bagel Appetizing Board

My family came over for Sunday brunch today. Trevor and I decided to put together a fun bagel appetizing board to enjoy with our big fluffy bagels.

Wait, what is appetizing you might be asking? It’s basically all the delicious foods you put on top of bagels (cream cheese, white fish salad, pickled herring, etc…). NJ has some amazing bagels and appetizing only enhances them. I’ve been eating it my whole life and it’s one of the few foods I’d truly miss if we ever moved away.

PS – word to the wise, don’t ever offer to toast a NJ or NY bagel. We’ll be offended. 🙂 Fresh bagels should never be toasted.

Bagel Appetizing Board

  • Servings: unlimited
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • Variety of appetizing (cream cheese, tuna salad, hummus, etc…)
  • Variety of deli meats, smoked fish and cheeses (lox, turkey, pastrami, cheddar cheese slices, mozzarella balls, etc…)
  • Variety of fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, etc…)
  • Variety of veggies (lettuce, etc…)
  • Filler, like pickles, figs


  1. Start by placing any appetizing you have on any kind of platter or serving plate you have in small bowls.
  2. Next, arrange the meats, cheese and smoked fish on the platter around the pots of appetizing.
  3. Fill in any holes with fruit, veg and fillers.
  4. Top with some fresh herbs or flowers on top for a finishing touch, if desired. Enjoy with bagels, bread or crackers! 

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